Refund Policy

Teach Me has drafted this refund policy in order that every student and intern is aware of the procedures and practices relating to refunds and also to comply with good customer relation service and practice.

Whereas Teach Me understands that unforeseen circumstances may compel a student or an intern to withdraw from a course placement, students and interns none the less, should understand that Teach Me makes decisions as to resource levels for a course or placement subject to demand for the course or placement and the formation of a viable student cohort. Full course and intern fee will be refunded to all students and interns in the following instances only (a.) in the event that Teach Me does not or cannot proceed with a course or placement and (b.) where a student or intern application is refused or denied, an administration cost will be deducted in both case a. and b.

In very exceptional circumstances however, will Teach Me consider refunding fees or part of any fees paid where a course or Internship is run as planned and where the student or intern has been granted a place or position and accepted and confirmed this? Where Teach Me agreed to a refund of fees or part of any fees paid, an administration cost will be deducted for all costs incurred.


  1. Teach Me accepts no obligation what so ever to refund any fee or part of any fee paid in respect of any course, Internship position or service provided by Teach Me and accepted and confirmed by the student or Intern or their representative body or organization.
  2. Under no circumstances will Teach Me refund the deposit, or any part of the deposit paid in respect of a students’ or Interns’ registration for a course or placement, unless Teach Me is unable to run the course or intern programme registered for or, in the event that course dates or placements and/or times have been changed, that these changed times are not acceptable to the student or intern.
  3. Where a student or Intern has to withdraw from Teach Me courses or placements for the whole or part of an agreed period for which he/she has registered or paid a fee and the withdrawal is due to very exceptional circumstances, beyond the student’s or Intern’s control which are documented and which are likely to significantly impact upon their ability to successfully follow the course or placement, a partial refund of any fee paid may be considered by Teach Me.
  4. Where, in the circumstances detailed above, a student does not attend the course or placement or where a student commences but withdraws before the end of a programme or internship, part of the fee paid may be refunded. Applications for such refunds must be addressed to Teach Me and made on Teach Me’s Application Refund Form and returned to Teach Me before the final week.
  5. Student and Intern’s may however defer their registration on a course or placement to an alternative period or a nominated alternative time provided they advise Teach Me well in advance of the change.
  6. Medical insurance and accommodation costs paid by the student are non-refundable and cannot be claimed back from Teach Me