Health Insurance and Downloads

Health Insurance

Teach Me supports student well-being. It is recommended that all international students have health insurance.
Private health insurance is a requirement for being granted a student visa for students from visa-required countries. Teach Me helps students by making arrangements with health insurance providers to offer some of the best rates available. Our staff develops and offer material and resources to assist students in making lower-risk choices during College and in the years beyond. Please contact for terms and conditions of health cover and any other information regarding this matter. Teach Me has partnered with Guard Me Insurances on this matter.

Students’ eligibility for public health services in Ireland depends on their nationality, period of stay in Ireland and financial situation.
Non-EU/Non-EEA students may benefit from public patient services in hospitals, given that the course undertaken is a minimum of one year full time study.
EU students should have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in their possession to be eligible for medical services in Ireland.
The following links are available to students and provide further information about medical care and health insurance in Ireland,

European Health Insurance Card
Irish Council for International Students
Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service

Apply for Medical Insurance for only €150