Teach Me is a Limited Irish education provider that develops, implements and manages customized and bespoke international student education and internship support and services in Ireland and Europe in partnership with universities, colleges, government educational and cultural departments and other academic and educational bodies. Teach Me has a wealth of knowledge in the area of international student education and education support for international learners both in Ireland and Europe.

Teach Me provides a comprehensive set of learner requirements to meet the needs and expectations of international students as they begin the long process of learning in Ireland.

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Teach Me works very closely with both the international learner and the other education stakeholders to ensure and maintain a seamless operational learning process and to provide a high-quality educational and cultural experience for all international students. Teach Me guides all International students through the entire educational and academic day-to-day administration process from the time they arrive in Ireland until such time as they are relaxed and at ease in their new environment and surrounds.

Teach Me Education Experience

Teach Me personnel and associates have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience of the academic and educational sectors both In Ireland and abroad. This work includes extensive business related lecturing, Academic third level institute and college directorships, course directorships of both national and international language, third-level business programmes in colleges and universities to international and European education coordinator.

Some of the work carried out by Teach Me personnel also includes international student workshops and educational consultancy in China, Pakistan, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, UAE, Latin America and Europe, student educational and promotional conferences and extensive educational marketing and promotional travel

Teach Me Principles

  • Teach Me is committed to the overriding principle of total student integration and its importance in fostering a sense of community while living, working and studying in Ireland.
  • Teach Me provides a comprehensive information structure on all aspects of student life in Ireland which is clear, unambiguous and up-to-date.
  • Teach Me has in place structures and mechanisms which enable all education stakeholders to identify issues or concerns and can respond proactively, and on a continual and on-going basis.
  • Teach Me continues to build strong and robust stakeholder relationships and to form academic, educational, cultural and social networks with all stakeholders.